Broschyrer och rapporter

Koppar är…

Koppar är oumbärlig
i vårt moderna samhälle.
Den levererar elektricitet och rent vatten till våra hem och städer och är ett viktigt bidrag till hållbar utveckling. Inte nog med det, den är livsnödvändig för allt levande.

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Koppar i båtbottenfärg

Koppar förhindrar påväxt genom att i ett ytterst tunt skikt på färgytan finns så kallade kopparjoner som stöter bort havstulpanernas larver

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Why are copper and copper alloys used in coinage?

Since ancient times copper has been used in coins; the Romans used copper widely in this application. The reasons for using copper are its excellent corrosion resistance, ease of stamping, good electrical conductivity for vending machines and ease of recycling.

Why is copper so efficient in heat exchanger applications?

Because the thermal conductivity is so high – it is 23 times better than stainless steel or titanium and 1.6 times better than aluminum.

Korrosionshärdighet hos koppar i kontakt med olika kemiska ämnen

Korrosionshärdighet hos koppar i kontakt med olika kemiska ämnen

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Mineral resources in life cycle impact assessment - defining the path forward

New, harmonized terminology is discussed and proposed in a paper published recently in the International Journal of Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), entitled “Mineral resources in life cycle impact assessment—defining the path forward”. Co-authored by the ECI, this new paper, supports the LCA practitioners to build mutual understanding with the mineral industry, and recommends tools for use in life cycle sustainability assessment.

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What is the history of copper tubes with aluminium fins?

Condenser coils with round copper tubes and aluminium fins have been a winning combination for ACR coils for many years. Manufacturers enjoy the assembly advantages provided by these components while technicians find it easy to join and repair copper tubing in the field. More importantly, this well established technology has a proven record of durability in the field resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction.

What is the main advantage of small diameter tubes for the design of air conditioner coils?

Smaller diameter tubes allow for more effective heat transfer.

What is the melting point of copper?


What is the minimum pitch for long strip copper roofing?

3 degrees.

What is the minimum pitch for traditional copper roofing?

1 degree, using batten rolls.

“Energy Efficiency First”: How to make it happen

The Coalition for ENERGY SAVINGS, May 2015

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